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March 11 2017


Test Post

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October 24 2014


Tips to Choose Best LED Bulbs and Save Energy

LED bulbs are gaining huge popularity these days in the lightning industry with their prices coming down to earth. many people are eager and anxious to buy them and save the electric bills. Incandescent bulbs are already phased out in the market now and their place is currently occupied by the energy efficient low-cost CFL bulbs. Unlike CFL bulbs which emit light in all directions, LED bulbs are unidirectional and emit bright light in one direction only. 

LED bulbs doesn't contain toxic mercury and is much safer than fluorescent which release vapors. If you are considering saving money in a long run and affording to pay more money to get high-energy efficient bulbs, then LED bulbs are going to be an ideal choice for you. This article will provide you some tips to choose best LED bulbs available in the market. 

Check Specs to find the Right Model: 

LED bulbs come with different specifications. New bulbs are released from top LED manufacturers like Philips, GE and Cree into the market everyday. So, you need to choose the right model by checking their specifications first. Check the color temperature mentioned on the LED bulb. If you prefer cool glow then go for higher temperatures. 

Choose the Right Shape:   

LED bulbs come in different shapes, sizes and color temperatures. LED bulbs come in standard bulb shape or in floodlight-style. Most of the analysis suggests the buyers to go for floodlight bulbs as they tend to give out superior light quality. 

Choose the one that Dims Properly:

There are many dimmable LED bulbs available in the market and you need to be careful picking up the LED bulb with right dimmable range best suitable for your application. Some research says, dimmable LED bulbs save 4 to 9% of electricity. Choosing the right combination of suitable controls, drivers and fixtures is necessary to obtain the optimal performance on dimmable LED bulbs.

October 22 2014


Top 5 Best Tax-Saving Investment Ways

People often get confused in choosing the right tax saving instruments in their life. Investing in a right tax saving options can help you get a good growth in your money. To make your life peace and save from tax burden, here is a list of top five ways of tax savings that make you plan a good financial status.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Public Provident Fund is the topmost tax saving option in the list. It is a popular long-term investment option made by Government of India, which offers safety, attractive interest rate and good returns that are fully exempted from tax. Opening an account and depositing to PPF will be tax deductible for taxpayers in India under the section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)

ELSS is a more risky investment option than PPF as ELSS needs investor prudence before making an investment. It is an effective tax management option which offers good returns and tax-free status for a lock-in period of 3 years.

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

It is applicable for the people who have touched 60 years. It is a medium term savings option offering 9% annual interest on your deposits. Senior citizens can open multiple saving scheme accounts being the total investing amount not exceeding 15 lakh. The interest gained under this scheme is taxable.

Voluntary PF

It is an extension of Employee’s provident fund. You can save for retirement years from your current pre-tax income. You cannot stop contributions in the middle of the year and no way to draw cash until they retire.

New Pension Scheme (NPS)

It is applicable for the people aged between 18 and 55 years for retirement planning. Tax deductions are allowed only for contributions for an annual investment of Rs. 6,000.


5 Simple Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping

As Diwali is fast approaching many people are eager to do shopping and purchase valuable items online. Online shopping is gaining huge popularity these days with low discount prices and free special gift bumper offers. Unlike regular retail stores, online buyers need not waste much of their time and get any item from the e-retailers at factory price and save their hard-earned money.

Popular e-commerce players are offering hefty discounts on this Diwali season and are saving on overhead costs by partnering with local courier services and delivering their product directly to the buyers place. With increasing competition among the e-commerce retailers and gaining popularity of online shopping, what as a buyer you should do to save your money while? Here are the five simple money saving tips for online shopping.

Compare Prices Online:

Never purchase a product before comparing the latest deal price across various online e-commerce sites. If possible, include browser extensions like Makkhichoose, PriceKart and Compare Hatke to make this task easier for you.  

Check Debit or Credit Card Offers:

Apart from regular discounts given by e-retailers, most of the Banks issue special deals and discounts for using their Credit Cards or Debit Cards for making online transactions. As these offers are limited to specific period of time, check with your retailer site if they are offering any rewards for using a particular card.

Choose the best Seller Offering the Lowest Price:

In sites like eBay, more sellers are offering the same item at different price. So, carefully chose the one offering the lowest price which should include the shipping charges as well.

Wait for Sometime:

If there is no urgency for you to buy a newly launched product on online this Diwali, then it is better option to ignore it for sometime as prices tend to decrease a lot online over a period of time.

Search Coupons or Get Membership Cards:

Search online to find any Coupons to buy your product at discounted price or else buy a membership card from your e-retailer and get premium services at discounted prices from them.

October 21 2014


Top 5 Popular Youth Sports

Now-a-days both boys and girls are actively participation in youth sports as it provide benefits of exercise and companionship with co-players. Among many sports, many people get confused which to select and play. Check here top 5 youth sports that match your skills. 


The most popular sport for girls and boys is basketball. This sport became one of the most popular with over 550,000 boys and 450,000 girls playing for a school-sponsored team. Basketball is more competitive sport as far as selection. For kids there are many developmental leagues to teach basic skills avoiding the pressure of competition.


Baseball is a very popular youth sport in America. At young age itself, both boys and girls can practice with a tee ball. As they grow up, they can enter into the league where the balls will be pitched from a machine. Beyond that, the sport will be splitted into baseball for boys and softball for girls. Both baseball and softball rank 2nd among the top five organised youth sports for their gender.


This is one of the most popular sports among boys. Even kids can play this top football sport with variation of positions in size and shape to make a competitive atmosphere. Football is considered as the easiest sports to play, if you follow safety measures.


It is one of the fastest growing youth sports in America. It is very easy to begin and learn this sport. Its an exciting sport for youngsters. It is simple at first but later they grow up, all the strategy and advanced skills should be developed over time to face this competitive game.


It is more popular among female youths and also provides a team opportunity. To begin at younger age, it does not require any skills. As age grows, the skill level and competition grows. 

October 20 2014


Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

If you are a photography amateur or one who just wants to add latest improvisations to the look of photos, then there are dozens of applications to get downloaded on your Android device. Check out the list of best photo editing apps for Android.


PicSay is an amazing app that has basic editing features with a few extra perks to make an  interesting look of photos. It offers basics adjustments on saturation, exposure, brightness, contrast, temperature, hue and tint under the “Add Effects” tab. Try to create twirl, stretch, bulge and sphere effect. The unique feature that PicSay offers is the ability to add Stickers, Word Balloons and Titles with customizable fonts and colors.


With its extremely intuitive and touch-friendly interface, Snapseed allows you to tweak every point of an captured image with a precision and ease that are not offered in other mobile image editors. It is easy to edit images to your estimation. It stands as the most free feature-rich editor.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is one of the most amazing powerful free photo editing application developed by Autodesk Inc and equipped with many interesting features like crop, resize, fix, remove red-eye and whiten teeth. It also featured with Photoshop editing tools and effects such as sketch, water color, pencil, poster and etc. Create photo collage using focal blur, denoise, and more.


In this fun little photo editor, you have access to dozens of effects and editing tools such as exposure, saturation, filters, sharpen and more. It is a highly rated and most popular editor version for Android where anyone can enjoy it features.


This multi-purpose app can be used as both camera and photo editor. It has filters, face detection, collage effects and over 800 decoration options. With its overlay decorations, you can make photos more fun.

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