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Top 5 Popular Youth Sports

Now-a-days both boys and girls are actively participation in youth sports as it provide benefits of exercise and companionship with co-players. Among many sports, many people get confused which to select and play. Check here top 5 youth sports that match your skills. 


The most popular sport for girls and boys is basketball. This sport became one of the most popular with over 550,000 boys and 450,000 girls playing for a school-sponsored team. Basketball is more competitive sport as far as selection. For kids there are many developmental leagues to teach basic skills avoiding the pressure of competition.


Baseball is a very popular youth sport in America. At young age itself, both boys and girls can practice with a tee ball. As they grow up, they can enter into the league where the balls will be pitched from a machine. Beyond that, the sport will be splitted into baseball for boys and softball for girls. Both baseball and softball rank 2nd among the top five organised youth sports for their gender.


This is one of the most popular sports among boys. Even kids can play this top football sport with variation of positions in size and shape to make a competitive atmosphere. Football is considered as the easiest sports to play, if you follow safety measures.


It is one of the fastest growing youth sports in America. It is very easy to begin and learn this sport. Its an exciting sport for youngsters. It is simple at first but later they grow up, all the strategy and advanced skills should be developed over time to face this competitive game.


It is more popular among female youths and also provides a team opportunity. To begin at younger age, it does not require any skills. As age grows, the skill level and competition grows. 

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