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5 Simple Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping

As Diwali is fast approaching many people are eager to do shopping and purchase valuable items online. Online shopping is gaining huge popularity these days with low discount prices and free special gift bumper offers. Unlike regular retail stores, online buyers need not waste much of their time and get any item from the e-retailers at factory price and save their hard-earned money.

Popular e-commerce players are offering hefty discounts on this Diwali season and are saving on overhead costs by partnering with local courier services and delivering their product directly to the buyers place. With increasing competition among the e-commerce retailers and gaining popularity of online shopping, what as a buyer you should do to save your money while? Here are the five simple money saving tips for online shopping.

Compare Prices Online:

Never purchase a product before comparing the latest deal price across various online e-commerce sites. If possible, include browser extensions like Makkhichoose, PriceKart and Compare Hatke to make this task easier for you.  

Check Debit or Credit Card Offers:

Apart from regular discounts given by e-retailers, most of the Banks issue special deals and discounts for using their Credit Cards or Debit Cards for making online transactions. As these offers are limited to specific period of time, check with your retailer site if they are offering any rewards for using a particular card.

Choose the best Seller Offering the Lowest Price:

In sites like eBay, more sellers are offering the same item at different price. So, carefully chose the one offering the lowest price which should include the shipping charges as well.

Wait for Sometime:

If there is no urgency for you to buy a newly launched product on online this Diwali, then it is better option to ignore it for sometime as prices tend to decrease a lot online over a period of time.

Search Coupons or Get Membership Cards:

Search online to find any Coupons to buy your product at discounted price or else buy a membership card from your e-retailer and get premium services at discounted prices from them.

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