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Tips to Choose Best LED Bulbs and Save Energy

LED bulbs are gaining huge popularity these days in the lightning industry with their prices coming down to earth. many people are eager and anxious to buy them and save the electric bills. Incandescent bulbs are already phased out in the market now and their place is currently occupied by the energy efficient low-cost CFL bulbs. Unlike CFL bulbs which emit light in all directions, LED bulbs are unidirectional and emit bright light in one direction only. 

LED bulbs doesn't contain toxic mercury and is much safer than fluorescent which release vapors. If you are considering saving money in a long run and affording to pay more money to get high-energy efficient bulbs, then LED bulbs are going to be an ideal choice for you. This article will provide you some tips to choose best LED bulbs available in the market. 

Check Specs to find the Right Model: 

LED bulbs come with different specifications. New bulbs are released from top LED manufacturers like Philips, GE and Cree into the market everyday. So, you need to choose the right model by checking their specifications first. Check the color temperature mentioned on the LED bulb. If you prefer cool glow then go for higher temperatures. 

Choose the Right Shape:   

LED bulbs come in different shapes, sizes and color temperatures. LED bulbs come in standard bulb shape or in floodlight-style. Most of the analysis suggests the buyers to go for floodlight bulbs as they tend to give out superior light quality. 

Choose the one that Dims Properly:

There are many dimmable LED bulbs available in the market and you need to be careful picking up the LED bulb with right dimmable range best suitable for your application. Some research says, dimmable LED bulbs save 4 to 9% of electricity. Choosing the right combination of suitable controls, drivers and fixtures is necessary to obtain the optimal performance on dimmable LED bulbs.

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